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Crassula Ovata 'Money Tree'

Crassula Ovata 'Money Tree' (Kuberakshi plant) Bare Rooted

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If you are interested in growing succulents, you must have heard of this plant. Crassula Ovata or the ‘Money Tree’ is one of the most famous succulents out there. It’s very easy to grow and hence perfect for beginners. It is also associated with good luck and it generally boasts its beauty indoors for the same reason. This is a must in your plant collection! Order Now!

  • Easy to grow
  • Full sunlight
  • Easy Propagation
  • keep bad evil away

Here are some general Vastu principles related to plants that you might consider when incorporating Crassula ovata into your living space:

  1. Direction:

    • The placement of plants can be important in Vastu. Placing the Crassula plant in the southeast corner of your home is often considered auspicious, as this direction is associated with wealth and prosperity.
  2. Indoor Placement:

    • Placing a Crassula plant near the entrance of your home is believed to attract positive energy and wealth. It is also thought to counteract negative energy.
  3. Healthy and Well-Maintained:

    • According to Vastu, it's essential to keep plants healthy and well-maintained. A thriving Crassula ovata jade plant is considered to bring good fortune, while a struggling or withering plant might have the opposite effect.


Crassula ovata in your home, it can contribute to a pleasant and aesthetically pleasing environment, regardless of specific Vastu recommendations.

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