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Crassula Perforata 'String of Buttons'

Crassula Perforata String of Buttons

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Category: Succulents

This shrub is a fascinating succulent that is going to instantly grab the attention of your friends and family. The beautiful plant has triangular or square-shaped leaves that appear as if they are stacked over one another hence the name ‘String of Buttons’. This plant is an ideal one for beginners as it is easy to grow and discounts minor mistakes in its care. With enough light, the green leaves can also acquire a reddish tinge at the edges which looks amazing. Order now!

  • Easy to grow

  • Partial sunlight

  • Propagation - offset, leaves, stem

  • Can be toxic

Customer Reviews
Abinaya Harish
star star star star star

Beautiful plant received on time, safely wrapped, same as picture.

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