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Echeveria Perle

Echeveria PVN

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This beautiful succulent with such a symmetrical rosette might be just the perfect addition to your collection of succulents. The pointy light purple leaves of the succulent look like flower petals that unify in a beautiful pattern to form an aesthetic flower. It is an easy-to-grow plant that flowers in the summer. Its flowers are equally beautiful. Order Now.

  • Easy to Grow
  • Requires Sunlight
  • Easy Propagation

Nature is all you need to feed your soul and mind. If you love decorating your place with beautiful plants that need low maintenance, you can consider getting Echeveria PVN succulent houseplants which are easy to be raised and can be easily placed at every corner of the house to make it more pleasing and appealing. Succulent indoor plants are very popular today. Take a quick glance at major benefits of growing succulent in your house.

Any climate

Succulents have an incredible ability to grow in diverse climates, be it indoor or outdoor. They will only add greenery, freshness and beauty to your living space. They blossom in all seasons and serve as a perfect colour that fills canvas of your home with artistic beauty. 

Air purity, Oxygen

Succulents help to purify air of your home by converting some contaminates to plant food. These plants also produce Oxygen and thus freshens air in the house or your space.


As these plants release water, they can also help improvise the humidity of house. A good humidity level of house can lead to many health benefits. 

Exposure to nature

According to several studies, consistent exposure to nature helps people to improve their focus and attention abilities. According to a research, growing plants indoor or outdoor could lead to memory retention and enhanced work efficiency.  


The plant is a perfect addition to any home décor. They can be ideal fit for classic style décor and will also add a unique style to the modern spaces. These plants add to the aesthetic beauty of a place they are in. A great way to have them in your space is by incorporating them in a wall art. The plants like Perle Von Nurnberg require easy maintenance and can add to the beauty of your home for a longer period of time.


Buy Succulent plant PVN Echeveria from Nainileaf and transit from artificial to natural

Nainileaf offers the largest collection of beautiful indoor and outdoor plants including Echeveria Perle Von Nurnberg, a beautiful succulent with pointy light purple leaves that look like flower petals and add to the aesthetic beauty of your space. This plant is easy to grow. It flowers in the summer. Every part this plant carries is epitome of beauty. These plants including Echeveria Perle, are treated with optimum environmental conditions. 
Nainileaf offers quality plants in a wide variety including cacti, succulents and other seasonal plants online, thereby helping people to live a life surrounded by natural, real beauty that breathes. Due to the quality of plants and comprehensive customer support, Nainileaf has a growing number of loyal customer base. We continue to nurture our vision of making this world a better place by spreading greenery everywhere. 
Nainileaf is situated in Nainital district. All our plants have been grown naturally and therefore, they carry rare features and beauty of Kumaon region. You can get this beauty at your place, anywhere in the world. Choosing Nainileaf is a health-conscious decision that will help you to not only beautify your home but also enhance its freshness and health. We also provide accessories for gardening at efficient costs. Buy Echeveria Perle from Nainileaf.



  • Will plant survive during the shipping process?

Yes. These plants have juicy roots and leaves. They can survive for several weeks without water and light

  • Does Nainileaf offer a wide variety of plants?

Yes. Our prime purpose is to provide plants that help our customers convey what they feel about their own space.

  • How soon does the plant need light after delivery?

It is advisable to open the box immediately after it reaches you and gently remove the packaging so that plants get enough light, air and water.


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Customer Reviews
Anitha R
star star star star star

Absolutely loved the plant.

Bhagyashree A
star star star star star

Amazing quality and a big echeveria

Abinaya Harish
star star star star star

Beautiful plant received on time , safely wrapped, same as picture.

Abinaya Harish
star star star star star

Beautiful plant received on time, safely wrapped, same as picture.

Date: 01-04-2023
Mary Kothuri
star star star star star

Does it come with the pot?

Date: 25-04-2023
Moumita Hazra
star star star star star

It's absolutely beautiful plant, I love the colour & size, Perfectly wraped,got happy plant

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