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Echeveria Supia (Bare Rooted)
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Echeveria Supia (Bare Rooted)

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Category: Succulents

Bare Rooted

Here is a unique succulent for you originally all the way from Korea! Echeveria Supia is a unique plant that has small rosettes formed through leaves that are green at the surface and pink-maroon at the edges. These small rosettes are placed at the end of long stems. The plant, like most succulents, is easy to grow and needs low maintenance. Order now!

  • Easy to grow

  • Full sunlight

  • Avoid overwatering and waterlogging 

  • Non-toxic

Customer Reviews
Date: 27-04-2023
Daisy fernandes
star star star star star

Stunning little plant with it's red tips love it.

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