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English Ivy

English Ivy

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This beautiful evergreen perennial is the perfect choice for your outdoor decoration. The plant trails continuously and clings to everything it comes across (fence, wall, trellis, etc.). The stems have small roots attached to them which help the trailing plant cling to the surface. It looks lush green and beautiful. Apart from this, there is almost negligible care that the plant requires and hence it is very popular. Order Now!

  • Easy to grow

  • Trailing plant

  • Can be up to 15 m long

  • Medicinal qualities (purifies air, enhances your respiration)

  • Indoor and outdoor

English ivy, also known by its scientific name Hedera helix, is a species of evergreen climbing vine that is native to Europe, Western Asia, and North Africa. It is a popular ornamental plant that is often grown for its attractive foliage, which is typically dark green and glossy.

English ivy is a vigorous grower that can climb up walls, trees, and other structures using aerial roots. It is also commonly grown as a ground cover. The plant produces small, greenish-yellow flowers in late summer or early fall, followed by small, black berries that are poisonous to humans.

While English ivy can be a beautiful addition to a garden or landscape, it can also become invasive in some areas, particularly in North America where it has been introduced. It is important to manage the growth of English ivy to prevent it from overtaking other plants and natural areas.

Customer Reviews
Date: 21-08-2023
Ashwini Meshram
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I ordered this in my fish order in June I guess. It was like crushed when I received it along with 20 other plants. Gave it a chance to see if it can live. Kept in semi shade all day long. Now after 1 and half month I can see new leafs. I am so happy it lived.. never loose hope even it is just a plant..

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