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Graptoveria Titubans -(Bare Rooted)

Graptoveria Titubans -(Bare Rooted)

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Category: Succulents

Bare Rooted

Here is a hybrid succulent for you! Graptoveria Titubans is a hybrid between two very popular succulent types, Graptopetalum and Echeveria. The spoon-shaped leaves of this plant are thick, fleshy, and light green in color. The tip can acquire a pink tint depending on the light. The leaves form rosettes at the end of a creeping stem. The rosettes look compact, intricate, and beautiful. The plant is easy to grow and hence great for beginners. Order now!

  • Easy to grow

  • Full sunlight

  • Avoid overwatering and waterlogging

  • Propagation - offsets, leaf, seeds


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