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Haworthia Koelmaniorum

Haworthia Koelmaniorum

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Category: Succulents

Haworthia Koelmaniorum is a must if you are interested in Haworthia. This popular succulent has an aggressive pointy shape and a dark brownish color that makes it look absolutely stunning. The leaves are nodular which makes them resemble the skin of a reptile. The rosette formed also looks symmetrical and amazing. The popularity of the plant is also because it is easy to grow. You do not need to learn a lot in order to care for Haworthia Koelmaniorum. Order now!

  • Easy to grow

  • Do not overwater

  • Outdoor Plant

  • Propagation - offsets, stem

Customer Reviews
Abinaya Harish
star star star star star

Beautiful large plant received on time , safely wrapped.

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