{"meta_title":"melo-cactus-medium","meta_description":"It is best to plant the melon cactus in the spring. In general, these plants have a moderate growth rate, with some species growing faster."}
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Melo Cactus (Medium)

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Melocactus is a well-known type of cactus that is dangerously beautiful. It looks tiny and cute, but at the same time boasts quite aggressive thorns all around its body. The plant at its later stage also grows a fascinating white bristly cephalium on the top. Melocactus are easy to grow and don’t require a lot of attention. Cacti in general enjoy solitude. With minimal care, you can keep your Malocactus happy and healthy. Order now!

  • Easy to grow

  • Full sunlight

  • Pink and red flowers

  • Propagation - seeds

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