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Sempervivum Calcareum Verigated (Laxmi Kamal)

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A plant with grey-green leaves with pointy maroon tips is all you need this season to add colours to your space and make it a fully grown, beautiful setting surrounded by positive vibes. Laxmi Kamal plant is increasing in popularity due to its aesthetic appeal, stylish look and easy care. Take a quick glance at benefits of having this plant around you.

  1. It is a great indoor plant that can grow well in indirect sunlight and shape. Importantly, Lakshmi Kamal plant can grow in different types of climates. You can consider keeping this plant on your desk to add more energy and creativity to your place. Another benefit one may obtain is increased concentration.
  2. Sempervivum Calcareum Variegated plant is easy to grow. Besides, one could easily propagate the same from a mother plant by plucking a healthy leaf. The next process is to let that leaf dry for a day or two and plant it. Make sure to use succulent soil only. In a few weeks, the plant will begin to grow.
  3. It is said that Laxmi Kamal plant could offer religious and spiritual benefits. The leaves of this plant form a rosette. They are close to each other that symbolizes unity and togetherness. Besides, if one leaf is extracted from the plant and put it in appropriate soil, it blossoms into a new plant. Thus, this plant only emits positivity. It is considered to be a great indoor plant as per Vastu Shashtra.
  4. The plant can grow well in the tropical climate. It requires low maintenance and attention. Importantly, the plant can adjust itself to different types of temperatures. It does not even need regular water because its leaves store water. It only needs bright indirect sunlight.
  5. Sempervivum Calcareum plant will add greenery, beauty and positivity to your décor.

If you want to buy such a beauty that reflects what you think about your space, buy this plant from Nainileaf – your trusted online portal for all your plant requirements. Nainileaf brings the greenery of nature to your space, in a way that gives you positive vibes. Visit Nainileaf online to know about Lakshmi Kamal plant price and also explore a wide variety of indoor plants. 

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  • Is Laxmi Kamal a cactus?

No. It is a type of succulent plant.

  • How to take care of Laxmi plant?

It requires little amount of care, water and indirect sunlight. It can grow well in tropical region.

  • When will I receive the plant after placing an order?

Nainileaf.com provides efficient and prompt service so that you can receive desired product at your doorstep. It usually takes 48 to 72 hours to process your request.The plant will be shipped within three to five working days.

  • Where does Nainileaf ship products in India?

We ship products all over India.  

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